Welcome to Ethiopian Christian Singers and Musicians Fellowship!

We hope you will use this site to collaborate with your fellow Christian Singers and Musicians to further HIS Kingdom!

This site, once you login allows you to:

1. Manage your own Profile page where you can:

A. Update your contact Info
B. Submit and Article
C. Submit a Blog 
D. Upload or link a photo, file, Video or Audio
E. Send private message to other users
F. See the Activity of a User
G. Send Instant Message to a user that is logged-in

2. Be part of a group and perform the above tasks


Here are some  of the ways you can use this site:

  1. Write articles where other registered users or your group can view  [ Use Submit Article link in User Menu]
  2. Upload PDF, Audio and Video files and share it with other registered users to collaborate on a project [ Use Edit My Profile link in User Menu ]
  3. Enter accountability logs using Blog feature [Use Edit My Profile link in User Menu ]
  4. Submit a Prayer Request by submitting a prayer post to the group (other users in the group will be notified)
  5. Instantly communicate with someone that is already logged-in


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